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Sean of Angeles

Graduations Guest Book Alternative

Graduations Guest Book Alternative

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A unique Guest Book alternative
Also a great gift idea for parents, family and friends, this is a keepsake 😍

♦ SMALL cap is 1.5" wide x 0.875" tall and LARGE cap is 2" wide x 1.125" tall


- Premium Acrylic

- Birch Wood

- Metal Hardware

Care Information

Clean with a soft cloth and if necessary use regular soap. Do not use alcohol or any other chemical product to clean the plaque.

Included In This Package

- Engraved Guest Book

- Wooden Chips

- Stand

- Hanging Hardware

- Table Sign

- Wooden Box (For Chips)

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The size of the guest book will depend on the approximate number of guests attending.

All sizes are approximate:

11" x 8" Frame holds:
♥ 60 SMALL Graduation Caps
♥ 25 LARGE Graduation Caps
♥ 34 MIXED Graduation Caps (17 LARGE, 17 SMALL Graduation Caps)

15" x 11" Frame holds:
♥ 120 SMALL Graduation Caps
♥ 45 LARGE Graduation Caps
♥ 60 MIXED Graduation Caps (30 LARGE, 30 SMALL Graduation Caps)

19" x 14" Frame holds:
♥ 200 SMALL Graduation Caps
♥ 75 LARGE Graduation Caps
♥ 100 MIXED Graduation Caps (50 LARGE, 50 SMALL Graduation Caps)

23" x 17" Frame holds:
♥ 300 SMALL Graduation Caps
♥ 110 LARGE Graduation Caps
♥ 150 MIXED Hearts (75 LARGE, 75 SMALL Graduation Caps)

32" x 23" Frame holds:
♥ 500 SMALL Graduation Caps
♥ 200 LARGE Graduation Caps
♥ 300 MIXED Hearts (150 LARGE, 150 SMALL Graduation Caps)

A Beautiful Guest Book Alternative

We create unique guest book alternatives for weddings, baby showers, graduations, or any event!

Frame Shade & Background Color Choices. (Black Is Default)


We are a family owned small business based in Laguna Hills, CA. We make all of our products in California and we strive for nothing less than perfection

Wooden Box & Table Sign Included

Each guest takes a chip from the box, signs it & places it into the
guest book